Punakha Dzong was built at the confluence of two major rivers in Bhutan

Bhutan's festivals are extremely lively and vibrant

most amazing country and offers some of the best unspoiled trekking

River rafting of Bhutan is popular in male river and female river at Punakha.


Bhutan Cultural tours are an excellent way to experience the people and culture of Bhutan.

You will see the trajectory of Bhutan’s advancement from a medieval to modern developing country. Most places you visit introduce you to Bhutan’s culture and tradition in the form of way people live and physical structural setting of the environment. Most tourists say the towering fortresses, temples and monasteries provide beautiful sights. The lush green valleys and hills dotted with prayer wheels and flags say about the religious and spiritual values of the people. The cultural tour includes short hikes, visit to historical places and meeting people. Don’t be surprised if you are invited to have a cup of tea or a meal by a stranger, especially when you visit rural places. This is our cultural and traditional way of showing warmth and hospitality to our guests.

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