Punakha Dzong was built at the confluence of two major rivers in Bhutan

Bhutan's festivals are extremely lively and vibrant

most amazing country and offers some of the best unspoiled trekking

River rafting of Bhutan is popular in male river and female river at Punakha.


This trek is particularly famous for its hot springs which are said to be the most beautiful natural springs in the Himalayas. Dur village is located in the Wangchuck Centennial Park. The average temperature of the hot springs varies from 38 to 52 degrees Celsius. The Dur Hot Springs trekking trails lead you through forests of cyprus, juniper, spruce, hemlock and maple, with an opportunity to view interesting fauna such as Snow leopard, Bhutan Takin, Musk deer, Blue sheep, Tibetian wolf and Himalayan black bear. The Dur Hot Springs Trek is considered as challenging and recommended only for those who are quite fit. The best season for this trek is March to April and September to October

Tour Highlights

  • >>> Visit many cultural attractions including medieval fortresses (Dzongs), markets and museums.
  • >>> Hike up to the famous Taktsang Monastery, perched on a cliff 900m above the valley floor.
  • >>> Marvel at the elaborate and ancient wall paintings and carvings in Dzongs and temples.
  • >>>Traverse beautiful landscapes from lush valleys to dense forests.




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